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The company's first paid blog may be for Nike. Called Art associated with Speed, the blog will spend about a month showcasing a series involving 15 short films within the theme of speed, all commissioned by Nike. Gawker Press Contract Productions, a brand-new division of Gawker Media, will supply layout, commentary, links and various features. Terms were not disclosed.
''A lot of marketers want to buy it in Web logs as a medium, '' said Nick Denton, publisher at Gawker Media in Manhattan. ''One thing to do should be to run advertising campaigns on the sites. Some marketers are changing one step beyond that and considering other ways they may engage this new model of independent media. ''
That approach, Mr. Denton burdened, is borrowed from the print tradition of advertorials plus special advertising sections.
While Nike did not air max 90 pas cher exercise editorial control past contributing the 15 video clips, bloggers said they thought about whether bought-and-paid-for content could succeed in the idiosyncratic world of Web logs, where an independent along with acerbic streak (particularly in terms of mainstream media) is remarkably valued.
Continue reading the main story''I'm skeptical that many online readers would would like reading an advertorial web site, '' Patrick Phillips, the publisher of an blog called I Would like Media, said. ''If you've got to a site, therefore you know you're being offered something, I don't know that there's going to become lot of interest. ''Gawker Media sites have distinguished themselves which has a tone that says, ''I've acquired no strings. '' In a very post on Thursday, for instance, the editor of Gawker announced that he had presented up his membership at Soho House, the confidential Manhattan social club. ''They gave me a choice between definitely not covering Soho House upon Gawker and remaining a new member, '' wrote your editor, Choire Sicha. ''I decided my dignity. Kidding! Get real, I chose trashy chit chat. ''
The established nike air max 90 pas cher Gawker Media sites be given from 400, 000 that will 700, 000 visitors each month, according to Mr. Denton, but Nike executives said the top point was quality, not quantity. ''It's the right community, '' said Nate Tobecksen, a new communications manager at Nike, exactly who called the Gawker crowd creative and connected. ''It might be small but it's a key and influential group. ''Steve Arena, the publisher of Adrants, a blog within the ad industry, said Nike would benefit. ''Is Nike planning to see a massive maximize in revenue and
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